The use of the divider wall has been around for a long time but the many uses and benefits of the modern operable wall may not to apparent to all. But what exactly are operable walls? operable wall system These are modern day dividers that are usually electrically retractable and hence require power to operate. They are used mainly to make better use of the space that the room may have and giving more options to the layout of the area.They are used for different purposes also sometimes to as an acoustic separation to cover up noise between two areas or even as traffic control to stop people moving into certain areas.

Operable walls are most common used in schools and universities. Places of worship like churches, ball and function rooms of hotels, conference halls and restaurants to name a few. The benefits of operable walls are countless. operable wall J.RainbowTo begin with, just the ability to better utilize space gives many benefit in cities where space is limited and high cost of property would mean having extra rooms of different sizes could been millions of dollars more on the rental. Instead having dividers to separate out the rooms is more cost effective.

Another element is the reduced energy costs - a room divided by this kind of operable partition product and reducing the size of the room when not such a large one is needed can help reduce cost of heating or cooling for the room. The modern era operable walls come in many attractive designs and are easy to operate. We may have memories of the old dividers from several decades ago where one has to physically drag the panels from the embedded cupboards in the walls to across the room – always seemingly needing several people to collectively do the task. Luckily, with the numerous availability of operable walls out there – these days are over!