Operable partitions are the best solution if space is an issue and flexibility is needed in order to create two rooms out of one larger area. They are used widely in places like hotels, schools, churches, offices and conference rooms.

Operable partitions keep efficient open spaces by the use of movable walls. operable partitionAs well as effective space management, they often provide the most economical sound proof solution. One of the main reasons people look to put in operable partitions for planning of use of multi-use space, the most important factor tends to be sound control.

The acoustic proven operable partitions uses materials formulated on techniques which are accredited in laboratories in order to get the sound proofing job done. There is a lot of technical jargon in acoustics which can be very confusing and often hard fully understand in knowing what type to choose.

Partitions are offered either as manual or electric operation with straight or curved tracks. Some are movable glass walls are constructed with a mechanically fastened system to attach the glass to the glass hardware. The glass wall hardware allows for stacking the glass walls in many formats and ways. Glass used usually are tempered and may be laminated for additional safety.

operable partition systemThere are some variations to the operable partition- some being hung by the top or from the floor. From the floor there are floor tracts and without if from the top hung which has its advantage of making the floor easier to sweep and may be an issue where cleanliness is of concern such as for schools and kindergartens.

Operable partition panels can be finished in many choices such as melamine plate, fabric, leather, color steel plate or aluminum plate to name a few. Designers can provide professional design services and provide guidance in installation.

Typically, partitions can provide many years of service in the most demanding environments.